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what is the epochxy

Definition: The Time To Stick Together




Combination of:


EPOCH - A period of Time


EPOXY - A Glue That Binds Things Together



It’s the period of time that we really need to push into now, where people come together, we stick together and we see how we can resolve conflict, resolve these deep-seated things that just keep us angry all the time, because staying angry is driving us all into an early grave. 


It's not productive. It's not conducive to a happy existence. 


It's not actually conducive to resolving issues if both sides are angry.


And we need to look at how we take things in a different perspective and see where we can get to, see where we can have common ground, because there is compromise to be had in lots of things.


But also there are times when there is a set of core values that the world should follow, that means certain things are immutable.


Where we need to stand firm on what limits need to be placed on how we interact with and treat others.


And those are all things that are complicated, they can take time to work out and through and fully process but mostly understand.


Don’t let yourself be pulled apart from your neighbours - pull together - stick together!

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