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It will come as no surprise that ‘Crash’ is not my real surname! 


My name is Jonathan McKeown and I am a middle-aged-twenty-year-experienced solicitor from Northern Ireland.


I decided to adopt the catchier moniker, for this blog and podcast, which was coined by my brothers-in-law when I first met them many years ago when I was working for a business then owned by my father with the same name.


I thought it would be funny and interesting- it probably isn’t to anyone but me!


You might also be intrigued as to why I didn’t pick Loudmouth or Loudmouthed rather than going for some awkward half-way house that is neither one thing nor the other.


But there is method in the madness. 


As a lawyer you are trained to be a professional pedant. 


If you can’t spot what is wrong with a piece of text or a situation your client is facing then you’re not doing your job.


The real skill of the top class lawyer you want in your corner is the one who can correct the mistake and not make you feel inferior in the process.


This is a skill I don’t yet have, but thankfully I know people that do!


So whether you think you’re a Loudmouth Lawyer or a Loudmouthed Lawyer or you still can’t figure it out - this is the place for you.


I hope to share some of what I’ve learnt over the last two decades in the law and in business both good and bad. 


The mistakes are what make you a better lawyer and we don’t always learn from them or avoid making the same ones over again - and that’s just fine- as long as we are trying to do so!


I also want to encourage through talking about my Core Values and my Mission and Vision a new way of thinking about things and to encourage debate and interaction.


I’m nothing special, but I feel inspired by the events of 2020 to raise my head above the parapet and add my tuppence to the conversation, to try to edge the little bit of society that I come into contact with to enjoy the life we’re living. \


By seeing that there is a time to ‘give and take’ and a ‘time to stand firm’ and a ‘time to stick together!’


I hope you get something out of it!





About Johnny Crash

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